Frequently Asked Questions


What Shots are Required?

We have no specific requirements at this time, but we highly recommend that your dog see a veterinarian regularly.  Dogs who stay at the kennel need to be in good health.  If you bring a sick dog in and other guests get sick, the agreement form you sign says you are responsible for their vet bills too.  

What vet do you recommend?

Kingfisher has a couple of great veterinarians that can see your dog and make sure they are in overall good health:  

Karrenbrock Vet Clinic 405-263-7451

Wheatland Veterinary Hospital 405-375-6099. 

For emergency vet service, we use Neel Veterinary Hospital 405-947-8387.

If you have a dog with special needs or not in the best health, we recommend that you use boarding facilities at a veterinarian's location.

What do I need to bring?

1 - Completed forms (found online in Forms section)

2 - Food to last through your pet's stay.

3 - Any comfort items that you think your dog may want.  Please note that items as such will be disinfected and/or washed upon bringing them into the facility.  

What is the cost?

Kennels are 5x5 in size and cost $25/kennel/night.  Smaller dogs from the same family are allowed to bunk together for an extra $10/kennel/night.   Payment is due when you pick up your fur baby.  

What if my vehicle isn't made to travel dirt roads?

We know our location is remote, but we do offer drop-off and pick-up services at our office in town.  123 N Main is the office location.  Please note that Main street is BUSY so please make sure they are leashed well or in a crate to bring them in.  

Do you take in strays?

No, we do not have a rescue facility or proper space for quarantine.  We advocate spaying and neutering of pets to prevent unwanted animals.